[PC] Can we have "always show desktop" as an option?

I know Mac works like this with just a menu bar at the top for programs which maybe fine if you’re used to it but I have an issue with this in Cubase on a PC.

Just about all other Windows programs show what’s called the desktop in Cubase and it’s shown all the time not only when the program is in focus and you have an open project. In fact showing the desktop in Cubase when it’s in focus is almost pointless as you need all the screen estate you can get for Cubase. Anyways if you open and close a bunch of projects trying to find something or make minor adjustments you run into this problem. Where is Cubase? It’s rolled up and hidden ?!!?

When you close a project the desktop disappears and you’re left with the “Mac bar” at the top of the screen version of Cubase … somewhere in the stack of programs??? That means you can’t see the program and you have to poke around or use Alt+Tab or just scream “WHERE IS CUBASE???” haha !

If Cubase would adhear to the Windows standard you you would always be able to see the Cubase desktop and you could click on it and you would be in Cubase even with no open projects. What’s the point of chaning this? This was changed as recently as the release of C8? Why???

On the other hand it must be pretty easy to fix by even remove some code for hiding/showing the desktop and then code “hardwire” it to always show the desktop. It’s not a feature request, rather it’s closer to a bug report if you ask me. There is no end to how much I dislike chasing Cubase somewhere in the stack of other programs … ALL THE TIME! Can we at least have “always show desktop” as an option?

Am I the only only one suffering from this silly behavior?

What do you mean by Cubase Desktop? The old useles grey background? For what do you need it? If you haven’t open any project, there is only the cubase menu bar.
No I haven’t any problem with this behavior. Using standard windows key-command Alt+Tab, or the stacked tasks in the windows bar, helps.

Maybe we do things differently.

Sure we do! Since V8 Cubase follows partly the multi window (task) functionality of modern OS. Every window has it’s own task. So you’ll get the best usability results, by using the standard functionalities of the OS for switching between the tasks.
But of course there’s a lot of room for improvements. But I like the way, the cubase development takes. :smiley:

Might this help? https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=226&t=80835


I’m guessing you did not search the forum.

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NO… :wink:

There is therapy in that despite its lack of effect… :laughing:

I tried this, however it’s not the same as the Cubase 7 style… I really miss that style.