PC Crashed, Reinstall on Mac

Hello everyone,
I need your help. My Sony Viao crashed with my Cubase 5 on it. I now purchased a Mac Book Pro. I need to install the Cubase 5 on my Mac.
How do I go about this? I can’t find the Trial version anywhere, or I would just DL that and activate it as, obviously, I have the Steinberg key.
This is kinda of an emergancy! :open_mouth:
Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

You install from the install disc…

Yes, I no longer have those.

Well, then you need to contact support and ask if they can provide you some, or if a downloadlink exists…
EDIT: As you were told here already…

That was back in 2011 when the download trial was available. I now have a Mac so it would be a different download. Obviously I have contacted support. Just wondered if anyone here would have a different option.