PC- Cubase 6 x64,what should i add to the VST plugin paths


Just got cubase 6 x64 and am unsure as to which plugin paths I need to add.

1;are all x64 plugins VST 3? if they’re not do I have to add a path to the x64 plugin folder?

2; If I do that and have a shared x86 vst2 plugin folder , will it add duplicates is there an x86 and x64 version of the VSTI

My Garritan Steinway x64 isn’t showing in cubase 6x64 for example even after a rescan.


Could be that its in the C5 plugin folder (the one just inside the C5 x64 folder) I had a few probs till I added that one!

No, all my x64 plugs are in the c:/program files/steinberg/VST plugins folder, all my x86 ones are in C:/progran files (x86)/Steinberg/VST plugins.

I’ve added the x86 folder as a shared VST one and Garritan Steinway is only showing up as the x86 version.

Strangely everything is showing fine in Cubase 5.5.2 x64 with the same settings.