PC > foobar2000 > UR44 > Hi-Fi Setup (Pre/Pwr)

Just recieved my UR44. Tried hooking up to my existing equipment, no joy.
I wish to playback FLAC files via the UR44 and output the signal to my home HiFi.
Hoping someone can point out what I’m missing.

Current setup:
Windows 8.1 Pro (64bit)
foobar2000 (media player)
UR44 (audio interface)
NAD C162 (Hi-Fi preamp)
Line In - 2x Balanced RCA (L/R, NAD C162 Preamp Tape Out/Monitor) > 2x Balanced TRS (UR44 Inputs 5/6)
Line Out - 2x Balanced TRS (UR44 Line 1/2) > 2x Balanced RCA (L/R, NAD C162 Preamp Aux In)

I have 2x Balanced RCA (L/R) > 2x Balanced TRS;
From my Preamp (NAD C162 - Tape Out/Monitor) plugged into Inputs 5/6 on the rear of the UR44.
I tested this by turning on my FM Tuner (NAD C422) and I can listen just fine via Headphones (Phones 1).

I have 2x Balanced TRS > 2x Balanced RCA (L/R);
I can’t get any sounds out from the UR44 (Line Out 1/2) into my Hi-Fi Preamp (Aux In).
All I hear is high pitch frequency or buzzing sounds.
What am I doing wrong?

I was intending to replace the Realtek soundcard on my PC with the UR44.
I already realized that the UR44 does not automatically switch sample rates between playback and I have to manually do that in the control panel.
I am hoping I am still able to use it as an external soundcard (DAC) into my Hi-Fi system.

I didn’t know balanced RCA existed?

Balanced or imbalanced, it should work. Have you tried to plug another source in the line input of your amp? Just to check if the settings on the amp are ok.
If that works, then it’s got to be a routing issue in the UR44 driver.

Yes, the other source works fine.

This is how I hooked up Foobar with Roland Quad Capture using USB between Quad capture and PC:

For playing (Digital → Analog)
Foobar output using PC USB → USB - Roland Quad Capture DAC - Jack out → line in Preamp

Recording (Analog → Digital)
Rec out Preamp → jack in - Roland Quad Capture - USB → USB PC

Exactly how I setup my chain.
A/D seems fine.
D/A all I get is a high pitch sound. I even tried swapping cables, no joy.

Arranged to have the unit sent back to Yamaha for testing.

Quick question: has this got to do with balanced/unbalanced cables?
Should I be using ‘unbalanced’ cables instead or it makes no difference?

*I am currently using balanced 1/4" (UR44) to balanced RCA (NAD C162 Preamp) for Line output (1/2).
**Balanced RCA (NAD C162 Preamp) to balanced 1/4" (UR44) works fine for Line input (5/6).

No that shouldn’t make a difference. I still don’t believe balanced RCA exists, but whatever :wink:

Well, I had the cables custom made; but I note your point on ‘balanced’ RCA (or not) and that it should work regardless.

There are no balanced RCA, it’s impossible. That cable I would remove from the equation first. But it sounds to me more like a feedback loop. Check the UR44 mixer and mute whatever is causing it.

Hi, Greetings from Croatia!
I need help about installing CA DacMagic Plus with Foobar2000.
CA is set in USB mode 2. ASIO CA is the main output.
Led lamp is always standing in the same position 44.1 khz, even though playing the record 19.2 khz. Foobar shows 19.2 khz but not DacMagic Plus. At the forum I read that I need to install Foobar component foo_out_asio.zip (version 1.2.7). This component can not be found anywhere, the download link.
Please help.
Hello everyone,


I never was able to get the UR44 working on my intended setup.
Was a nice box with all the I/O port connections I could have used.
Alas, it does not work as expected.
Fact that the unit DOES NOT automatically cycles through sample rates should have been mentioned too.

Reluctantly; returned and got a full refund.
Thanks all for the input.