PC Issues after memory upgrade

Hey guys, i have some issues with my pc and hope that someone can help me.
Last weekend my PC suddenly just went out during studio work. It would turn on again but only 5 beeps appeared and it would not boot. With the help of google i managed to pinpoint the issue being a ram memory bar defective. My pc had 8 gb of ram divided in 4 x 2 gb bars. all 4 bars where different manufacture and i had 3x 10600 and 1 12800 mixed :confused: But actually my pc ran perfectly and i never had any problems with cubase. So after this issue i decided to upgrade to 16gb ram. I now have 2 bars of 8gb 1600 mhz 12800. Since the upgrade cubase has some serious performance issues. With the 8 gb setup i only had minor dropouts when using multiple serum’s in my project. But now even without serum the performance meter sometimes hits the max. I provided a short youtube vid with the issue presenting. I don’t have the exact specs of the pc by hand now but it is a HP with a i7 processor. i could check all specs tomorrow :slight_smile:
Thanks :slight_smile:

Start checking if the RAM is correctly configured at BIOS, then do a memory diagnostic to see if the new chips are okay.


For reliable performance it is best practice to install a pre-matched kit of RAM sticks, and of course the type of RAM has to be supported by your motherboard.

Maybe you should contact HP support people to find out what RAM your machine needs, or perhaps google it?