pc makes strange noise when mr816csx attached

Hi guys,

This is my first topic here. I’m a composer from the Netherlands .

I’m the owner the of the mr816 csx for 8 months now. Recently some

strange ‘high’ tones/sound came under my attention. It’s an annoying ‘high’ sound

which comes directly out of my pc when the mr816 is turned on. By turning the mr816 off,

the sound from the pc directly dissapears. Any ideas or likewise experience with

that problem?

Thanks in advance. Arnoud.

(motherboard; gigabyte ud7, processor; i7 980, Firewire; texas instruments firewire card, ).

Hello Mairelody,

I will recommend you to read the following article:

It has a lot of helpful hints that might help you solve the problem :wink:


Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. However it’s maybe to early to say, but the problem seem to be resolved.
It hadn’t a lot to do with your link to steinberg suggestions (speedstep, power management etc)
but rather simple updates of computer software.

  • deleted old video driver (ati hd5770) and installed just the smallest package
  • updated intel chipset to latest.
  • updated realtek lan drivers

After these actions, the peep disappeared
Thanks anyway,