PC Projects in MAC cubase..

I will be changing to mac soon, i know with Pro tools Pc and mac projects open seamlessly. Does this happen with cubase also, can i copy my whole project folder across and it will all open without any issues.?



It’s been a while, but it has been fine in the past. Do all your plugins have Mac versions? Also, your vst connections will most likely be different and reconnected.

Thanks for the response. Yea thats all fine, thats pretty much the same as opening any sessions, missing plugins and different connection set up… But as long as they open is the main thing, and i can work on them…

definitely works, I’m doing that all the time.

Only thing I notice, if you label markers with umlauts, funny stuff happens when you open on the other platform (but it’s not affecting the audio :wink: )

Great, thank you! Whats an umlaut haha…?

ü - the two dots on top.

Here in the studio we like to call them “röck döts” :mrgreen:

but they’re actually part of the German language, so sometimes they may be contained in marker names (Übergang (Transition)) - might also be the case for other special characters… on the other platform there might appear unexpected characters…

Cübase förever!