PC reinstalled - Groove Agent licence missing


I recently reinstalled windows on my computer. Now I can’t use Groove Agent anymore - it says I do not have a licence.
I tried to reactivate the licence but it says “theres no Soft-eLicenser, that has the permission to reactivate.”
Can someone help me? Does someone know this problem?

And pls do not tell me “write to Steinberg-Suppot” - because I created a tickets about months ago, they will not solve this I guess.

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Look in the Products section of My Steinberg to see whether your Groove Agent licence appears in the list of Steinberg Licensing licences connected to your account, or in the list of eLicenser licences. Your next steps depend on where you find that licence.

Thank you for the quick answer!

My Groove Agent Licence does not appear in any of them.
I updated the elicenser, but it still does not appear.
Is there a third way to find the licence?

Maybe your license was in the soft-elicenser. That license was wiped out when you reinstall windows.

You need to reactivate it:

You will have to deal with Support. It sounds as if your licence was on a soft eLicenser that you didn’t register against your My Steinberg account and which would have been wiped when you reformatted your computer. You cannot reactivate this licence by yourself.

He can register that license using the original code (and then request another one).

Here is the info about this from the reactivation procedure:

" Only registered licenses can be reactivated!*
If you cannot find the license you need to reactivate please click on the button [Register eLicenser / Software] on the top left, to register your software.
Among others, you can apply the already used activation code for registering a license."

I am fairly certain that that procedure only applies if you still have the soft eLicenser that contained the licence - you can’t register an eLicenser that you no longer have. Self-help might still be possible if @Dennis1 still has the activation code, but this might need intervention from Support.

Steinberg Licensing improves the situation because all licences have to be registered against a My Steinberg account.

Thank you for you support guys!

It worked. Like you said, you can register an already activated product in retrospect.
That’s how I could generate a new activation-Code.

Thank you very much for your help!

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