PC Stolen and Cubase 8 Essentials


My PC with Cubase 8 Essential was stolen. I’d like to reinstall it on my new PC, but I can find no email with activation codes and, though I purchased and used the software regularly in the past, it looks as if I was NOT registered with a Steinberg account. Hence I can get no eLicenser from there. Is there a way to restore it?
Thanks a lot to anybody who can help.

These forums aren’t really the right place to resolve this (since we’re mostly just a bunch of fellow Cubase users :wink: ). You should probably contact Steinberg support using My Steinberg and see what they suggest. Although without any proof of purchase you might be out of luck.

The Activation Code for downloading your license can be used only once. So you need to acquire a new Activation Code, to download a new/replacement license.

The basic procedure would be to log into your MySteinberg account and start the reactivation procedure (https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/soft-elicenser-sel-faq.html#reactivation)

As this requires you to have your eLicenser (more precisely: your Soft-eLicenser that was stored on your stolen computer) registered with your MySteinberg account, there’s really no way around contacting technical support; they should be able to identify your Soft-eLicenser via the Activation Code that was previously used to download your license into your Soft-eLicenser.