PC then Mac

Hi all. Around Christmas 2010 I purchased the upgrade from Cubase 3 to Cubase 5 on my old laptop. Then my laptop blew up (nothing to do with Cubase), so I upgraded to an Imac. How do I get my Cubase programme back for the Imac. It was a download purchase - so I have the old program for my pc, but need it for the mac - I did pay for it after all. I have the elicenser (the blue dongle) and have updated all that, but can’t find out how to redownload my purchased software for the Imac. Any help will be most appreciated.



Though I can’t remember a downloadable Cubase (only the ones that come on CD, except the timed trials of course), I’d address this to Steinberg as well, I imagine it shouldn’t be a problem when you give them your e-license #, or whatever it’s actually called.



Thanks to asknet for the answer. Well, I’ve got the original cubase 3 cd, so I could install that for the mac, but then I upgraded via a download to cubase 5. Do you think if I install 3 again, i could then get the upgrade download from the site somewhere?



To my knowledge Steinberg has never offered a downloadable upgrade (there have been threads dedicated to complaining about the lack of downloadable purchases), so I am not sure where and how you purchased yours. Perhaps you downloaded a trial version and then puchased a license, but I would have thought they still would have sent you a disk. I would contact your local Steinberg rep and see if you can get an install disk.


Cubase Essentials 5 is a downloadable upgrade. Can someone help me please. The upgrade I downloaded was Cubase 5 Essentials. I’m a busy working single Dad - and I’ve called the Steinberg helpline, which is a German number - was told all I had to do was submit a request form and in some unspecified time I’d get the download link to re establish my purchase. The guy did say I’d get an automated email to tell me that they were dealing with my request. It’s been a week now and I’ve had no such email, so now am supposed to find time in my working life during the week to call back and it’s beginning to feel like a fruitless quest.

I like Steinberg products, but this kind of customer service is appalling. I bought the item with good money and it shouldn’t be so hard for me to retrieve it. The request forms are overly convoluted, and some of the fields actually don’t work as they should. I’ve sent two of late and heard nothing back. So, two questions

  1. How do I simply retrieve my purchase
  2. Who can I write, email, whatever, to effectively complain to if I’m getting no joy.

Thanks to anyone who can help me resolve this.

Re-post this to the cubase 6 page. The moderators tend to be more active on that page.

Sorry - can’t help you. Your original post said “Cubase 5” which is a different beast than “Cubase 5 Essentials”. My post was with reference to Cubase 5.