PC Upgrade

Hi Guy’s,

I’m looking to upgrade my current PC Workstation:

I’m running it with Nuendo 6, Cubase 7 and Protools 10 HD. It’s currently an AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.00GHz Processor with 12Gb mewmory and I’ve noticed with the Software Updates to Nuendo 6, Cubase 7 etc, it’s starting to choke my ASIO stream on larger projects. I’ve noticed the Native CPU in Protools HD is also starting to clip!

I’ve been looking at the Intel i7-3960X, i7-3970 and the i7-3930k. The first two seem to be at the £800 mark whilst the 2nd is £200 cheaper.

I compared tech specs of both i7-3930k and 3960x processors and found out that i7-3960x has 100mhz higher clock speed as well be as 3 mb extra L3 cache, apart from the 100mhz clock speed that I could probably overclock to, would the extra 3Mb L3 cache make any difference.

What I’m really after is any “realtime” experience with Nuendo 6 with any of these processors.

I am looking to Max out the systemboard memory to 64Gb for any of these processors.

Any help in my decision process would be most welcome.



I know nothing about those really. But check out

dawbench.com and its forum http://forum.dawbench.com/forum.php

dawbench is pretty much the only benchmark initiative that focuses on what we do so it’s maybe worth checking out. Also check out


I would think you’ll find answers in one of those places…

Thanks Lydiot.

I’ll try those :smiley:

Hi Ian,

for internal test we’re using (beside others) the HP Z820 workstation. Nuendo 6 runs quite well
with this machine. It has a XEON processor. I think more info can be found at HP’s website.


Hi Timo,

Thanks for that.



Hi Timo,

I could really use your help on this one before I make a mistake.

I’m currently putting together a new machine for N6 at the moment. 64 bit W8, etc, etc.

A friend of mine said that he’d seen on some or other forum using dual Xeon’s might actually add latency. He recommended just a single processor with multiple cores.

I’d obviously prefer to go with the dual Xeon machine, for the raw power… Like the HP Machine you use.

Thanks greatly, in advance,

Hi Timo,

Whilst still on the subject; What is the spec of the HP Z820 Workstation you guy’s use fro Nuendo 6? looking at the HP info there are a variety of Xeon Processor specs used in the HPz820 which can of course spec the machine from £2500 - £5000+.



I’m running a single E5-2687W 8 core at 8x 3.10GHz, which is 16 cores with Hyperthreading.
Runs beautifully

Thanks for the info Neil - will pass it on…


Are you looking to build your own, or get it done for you?
I went the bespoke route last time out for the first time (I used to build my own) and it was a wonderful experience.
The whole thing was set up to perfection, I was consulted at all stages (and given options) and best of all, the builders took all the stress out of it. I was delivered a fully working system complete with Sound Card of my choice & software mainly installed all bar some plugins.

I highly recommend it - especially with the architecture changing so fast on chips & CPU and the way everything is now built on the cheap in China component wise (when I first started out the rule of thumb was "never, ever buy chinese built - these days you can buy little else)

Neil, a really good friend of mine is building it for me. He’s built my last three machines which have been outstanding. Unfortunately we don’t have guys here in South Africa building the latest and best. Derick and myself, using the best components, are pretty much putting together the best DAW machines for myself. He’s a studio designer as well as an engineer and tech brain! The machines have always been expensive, but I do not believe in building cheap - not when my life depends on it! :wink:

Once again Neil, I really appreciate the info


yes we’re testing Nuendo 6 on a HP Z820, however, I need to check the exact specs.


Thanks Timo

Hi Robin.
I’m in Namibia and we have to do it on our own as well. At least you have shops selling good hardware in SA :slight_smile:. We can buy at HiFi corporation LOL.
I just ordered parts from Sybaritic SA
If you want to go for new stuff you will have to get x79 based board. You might have troubles to get RAM kits in SA, so plan ahead and go Ebay, or one of the best shops on the net shipping ww. Compuvest. This route is future proof at the moment.
I chose a cheaper route. z77x gigabyte board with an i7 3770. They overlock very easy,4.3 GHZ is normal for them when cooled properly. As of RAM i went for 32GB Gskill, ordered from ebay, as Samsungs arent available anymore and there was no kit of 32 available in SA.
The guys at gSkill are excellent. If you email them they even provide you with detailed setting for your MoBo and chosen speed !!
If you need stuff check the new shop Wootware. They stock good stuff and Dimitri answers mails immediately.
If you have any questions you can PM me.


Hey Wojtek,

Thanks for all the info, my fellow African!!! I will pass it all on…