PC versus Mac...

Pretty sure it’s been discussed to death, but is the mac really better, faster, more stable than the pc… (?) I’m just about changing my whole system in the next year and thinking about a [pc/xpsp3] to [pc/windows 7 64 bit] or [mac OS 10] switch…

Are you serious ?

Yes! Something like 15 years ago Macs was the ultimate platform for audio/video applications. Why? Simple: 25 years ago there was good enough OS available for MAC but not for PC. Also Macs did have a superior hardware architecture. Result? Software developers concentrated their efforts on Mac.

Now. What happened after this? PC architecture evolved. And at some point there became a good enough OS available for PCs too: Windows NT (and it’s derivates: XP … and finally W7). At the same time what happened to Macs? Their hardware architecture became a copy of PC. They changed their operating system to Unix-based.

Result? Hardware architecture is the same. Operating systems on both systems (while they are different: one Unix-based, one created after principles of VMS) are basically as good for DAW work (PC even has a slight advantage here). And unfortunately Mac has only one manufacturer, which is holding is monopoly. And that keeps prices up. You’ll always get better bang for your $$$ when buying a PC.

Unfortunately old habits remains: there’s always people who tells you: Mac is better!

But in my opinion: while PCs may be better by numbers, the difference isn’t that great. More important is: what do you like? If you like Mac, get one, if you’re familiar with PC, go for it!

PS. I’m having a Mac as my network server and PC as my DAW. Getting the best of both of the worlds.

Says who again? We don’t live in the 90s anymore…


PC is better. http://www.dawbench.com/win7-v-osx-1.htm

on mac you can put win on if you like, doesnt work opposite.Macs hardware is totally forth it.My 2010i5 has put up lots of work and heat hours, still it feels after 2 years as new as i bought it.Which OS well its all dif story and very subjective.I was a pc guy since 98-2010 building my own i7 win 7 but got tired of putting so many hours of building it up and maintaining drivers and stuff, that i got tired of it.After tryin mac out im never gonna look back.If you got time, knowledge adn want to save some buck, buil your own pc if not then mac.just my 0.02 cents

Well, the question is really like asking which religion to go for, even if evolution has proven to be the truth. It’s a personal choice you will have to make, everyone else can only really give you their OPINION, which is not really an answer to your question, but a personal conviction. People will spill their guts to try and convince you of theirs (just look at the few paragraphs below, utter nonsense). Some will even argue or agree with such nonsense.

Macintosh , which was the OS considered the superior OS in the 80’s and early 90’s, was changed into the Unix based OSX. This, in MY opinion, was a downtrade since Unix already existed before Mac OS. Logically, if Mac OS really was the superior OS, why go for a “lesser” OS base? Of course, before and during this time, Unix became more like a regular OS and so a place was found for the new “incarnation” (it’s still Apple, I mean) of Mac OS, namely OSX.

Windows, over time, has evolved into what is now considered a superior OS. It too of course, has changed over time, but it continues to adopt new and better parts, rather than to stick to tradition, for the sake of it.

I am biased towards Windows? Well, I grew up (after “DOS” and Quick Basic, Atari ST, Sinclair Spectrum/QL, etc.) in a Unix biased environment (college) so I am certainly not unaware of this other world, but yes I am (currently) biased. Why? Look at Apple as an example… Why did Mac OS so utterly fail then, if it was the superior OS? They locked it down and wanted sole control of it. There were companies in Germany that wanted to release Mac OS on 68060 CPU’s which would’ve blown peoples socks off, but no, Apple did absolutely not want them using their OS. They are doing it AGAIN, EVERYTHING THEIR way, locking everything down to the Apple world. iPad, and isolated device with access to the Internet and Apple Store. Sure, hack it and you can do things. Sound like the 80’s? YEAH! A viable business solution? Of course, Apple is gadget city, people LOVE gadgets!!! Though over time, they’ll loose iPhone to Android or one of the others. And OSX to Windows. And iPad to some-other-pad. Why? Because you get locked in Apple-gadget-world! People want more, better holistic function, freedom of choice, not freedom from it. But in the meantime, a number of us are making money on it! Very viable business, but not a long term solution.

Anwyways, I digress. Again though, all you’ll get are opinions, worth something (who’s to say) or not, it doesn’t really matter. You need to find out what it is that will fit You best, regardless of the opinionated crap, like my rambles above. We all come from different angles and have different ideas of what is best. In the end, what matters is what is best, for You, not myself and others.

No… Really…


Aloha guys,

It took from the beginning of this board back in
Dec 2010 for this thread to finally rear.

Not bad guys. I’m proud of us.

Particularly since there was so much ‘brewhaha’ from
the Mac Cubase users (me one of them) about sharing
this board with PC users.

I was wrong.

I have even learned a bit of PC stuff.
I now know what .dll means. Small steps.

This has been such a kool thread about a subject that would have erupted
into major flames just a couple of years ago.

Regardless what went on in the past, we are all living now
(thank God) and one truth is that there is great gear
all over the place, everywhere in many forms.

Just grab some and start using it.

I think it doesn’t matter anymore in means of OS and stability.

BUT (and I say that as a Windows fan!):

If you need a reliable system with FireWire (!) you really have no choice: I tried to find a Windows-PC or-Laptop with FireWire that works flawlessly with my Presonus digital mixer: No chance! Finally I tried a Mac Book Pro and everything works perfect.

Other than that, there’s no need (!) to “go Apple” - unless you like them or their OS so much better than Windows (which I don’t).

Thank you for your replies, guys ! I was only speaking in terms of stability, of course. For me, windows xp user, windows 7 is the main reason to go to mac os, as w7 seems to be soooo different in terms of gui and customisation… What i want is just a stable os, nothing more nothing less. Don’t mind about hardware.

Yes, W7 is a lot different from XP GUI wise, but stability wise I find W7 very reliable, maybe moreso than XP.



What a refreshing scent, regarding this topic. People actually reluctant to argue it. Good for you!!!

The world might be moving on (as Roland would say) after all. :slight_smile:

… personally use both… both suck… :laughing: …Yay MC50…

Seriously though the one thing that bugged me the most about using C6 on mac was the window control and then I realized that the ‘std’ MS tiling function was no longer available on the win version either… :frowning:

…as for stability - I have had stable XP machines and some woeful ones as well, same for OSX - depends really what else was running on the machine…managed to crash w7, osx tiger,snow leopard, will probably do so to lion as well…

As with all things technical - the donkey is in the details…

Yes, IMO.
I bought a new iMac last week, and aside from the lengthy DAW and plugin installs, I was up quickly and running with 30 channels at 32 samples with not a single system tweak.
Windows may have changed a bunch since I abandoned it, but the nightmares will haunt me forever. It’s only my 3rd mac, but I’ve had a couple dozen Windows boxes in my life and I used to be a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer before I found happiness :wink:

Just my .02 spacebucks.

Each to their own really. my studio revolves around the latest mac book pro 2 UAD quad satellites 18 chips of FW Powercore and a cinema display. I gave up on PCs when, having bought a brand new Toshiba laptop, I was told that Cubase wouldnt work because my southbridge chipset wasnt supported… That was the nail in the coffin for me. Mac and PC people are kinda like car people. some like to drive and some like to be able to tinker under the hood. If you like to tinker get a PC. I just like to turn the key in the morning and know that i can go where i need to. Ive been liberated completely from thoughts of ‘if I clean my registery with this or fiddle with that bit of software i might get 2 more mph out of this thing’ I did that with PCs and spent a huge, actually no ;wasted, a huge ammount of my production time footling with what was supposed to be my tool!! maybe that says something about me but…


Neither platform is gonna work perfectly for everyone but off the shelf stuff mac has got to win it.

I use a Mac Pro for my DAW and a MacBook Pro for my DJ fun. I had a nightmare with hardware when setting up my WIndows XP machine and even when I upgrade to a newer machine with Windows Vista (yes, I know this one was a failure). I have faith in Microsoft tho; I heard lots of good things about Windows 7.

I think if you want the best bang for $ then sure build a custom (dedicated) Windows system for music production. However, if you plan on using lots of firewire and usb gear then watch out! This is where I believe windows machines have problems. You have to have the perfect configuration of hardware (mobo, memory, graphics card even) to work in perfect harmony so as not to disturb any of the data flow to/from your sound card and other USB/FW/PCIe audio devices (ei Virus TI, Moog Phatty, Powercore, UAD cards).

I believe using a Mac dodges this potential problem since the hardware and OS are designed for each other which maximizes compatibility. Now, I’m not saying that Macs are perfect. You will still encounter issues because of software bugs and errors on the developers end for your DAW software and VSTs, etc.

Unless you’re on a tight budget, it doesn’t really matter. Any decent PC or Mac Pro built in the last 2-3 years will both be able to take anything you throw at it. These days, it just comes down to a matter of preference.