PCI vs PCIE express cards

Hi, okay, I am learning about PCI audio interfaces and as of now that seems like the way to go for PC

I would love a thunderbolt system, however it looks like it will be a while for that option

So my question is, because I can’t seem to find it on RME’s site

There are two different sections available on the site

PCI express.

What is faster? Which versions of PCI do the different cards use? I can’t seem to locate that information

I am looking to get the lowest latency possible.

I have three Mics and an electric guitar
so for now a MIC Pre with 4-8 Inputs with Phantom power and a guitar line should suffice
I would like to expand in the future, but for now I am good with at least 4 inputs

Any reccomendations, obviously a less expensive route is better. I am a solo artist recording indie folk music
and use MIDI as well as audio.

Don’t need anything Fancy, I have decent MICS two SE electronics 4400A and one SE1A

An Sl Keyboard for Midi. Thanks

PCI express (or PCIe) is newer and faster than PCI. Unless you specifially picked a motherboard that has legacy PCI slots, you probably can’t use a PCI card on your computer.
Also a cardbus is usually only found on older laptops so that’s of no use to you either.

PCI is not a good choice, it’s outdated, there is no more PCI slot in new motherboard til some years…and even if you find a “older” (4/5 years motherboard) the PCI slot are bridged and not working good so you must find a PCIe. USB is fine too but if you looking for very low latency choose a RME PCIe

Man the industry for PC based solutions is getting worser and worser. Instead of adopting and organizing good alternatives (USB 3.1 / Thunderbolt) they made a mess of the whole situation.

It almost forces me to consider a MAC, because all thunderbolt cards are available for MAC’s and only a few for the PC platform.
The speed of thunderbolt and usb 3.1 is almost the same as PCI Express and good enough for heavy bandwidth demanding devices like backup tape, harddrives, soundcards with ultra low latency.

PCI is just as good if u buy a RME but if you buy new get pci e. Second hand you can find a PCI RME for under 200 so u can get 2 and a half PCI for 1 PCI-e