PCM Bounce (like Logicpro)

So I am heavy into Dolby Atmos. I really enjoy being able to import and export ADM files. However, I’d like to have them be auditioned. Logic has a way of doing this by bouncing/export to PCM. Listening to that file using a program like VCL, you get the experience of automation and spatial audio. I’d like to do the same, can’t figure it out. any pointers?

PCM is just “regular” audio in for example a .wav file though. I don’t think Dolby allows an Atmos output that you can play back in for example VCL without using an external renderer, so are you talking about just a regular multichannel “3D” audio file?

Is the Atmos renderer settings not enough to do your testing, why do you need VLC for it. Anyway, in Nuendo you can export to test it on VLC. VLC ignores the rest of the empty channels and plays back fine on headphones or stereo speakers.
Just aside: We usually use Fairlight/Resolve as a final destination from Nuendo and it does has re-render capabilities as well as deconstruct and reconstruct the channels and much more than what Dolby External renderer can do though it might not be Music only friendly as its mainly developed for films Production.


So I have taken the ADM master into the Dolby Renderer, then exported as an Mp4 which does work, but is extra steps. If you have a chance to look at LogicPro, or search youtube on “How to Export & Share Your Atmos Masterpiece (Dolby Atmos in Logic Pro Series)” you can see how you can export the ATMOS mix right out from the Logic Pro DAW into a sharable PCM file. I was wondering if there was something similar. I would think so but I’m not seeing it.

@Rajiv_Mudgal Great Tip… can use this too. For now, I’m just trying to get an easy way for clients to get the Dolby ATMOS experience without the Dolby Renderer. (Binaural headphones only of course)

Yes it does export a sharable PCM file as shown above. (though not Stereo) but plays fine on VLC if that is what you meant.
You select Stereo/Binaural mix down from the Atmos internal renderer and in export select the 7.1.4 object renderer/single channel and choose Interleave or split. Split (image below) will output left and right which can be used to create stereo-interleaved if needed.
The Interleave option is also true Stereo/Binaural mix and the empty channels are ignored by most players such as VLC.
The way logic export is structured to deliver Apple’s propriety Binaural mix you can Bounce it but it’s not DOLBY ATMOS true Object down mix. To test it check it using headphone and then the bounce, they are not the same. Its a kind of Hybrid more Appleey :slight_smile:


OK, thank you for the data. Let me try that and I will post the results here in detail.