PCR-800 Driver not available on Windows 10

Hi, I just need some quick advice. Ive recently got the 30 day trial for Cubasr Pro 10 on Windows 10. Unfortunately Roland dont provide a Windows 10 drover for my PCR-800 MIDI Controller which in desperate to use on Cubase 10. If I downgrade to Windows 8.1 OS, download Cubase 10 again, will my trial version be on my eleicenser USB stick and my 30 day trial just continue on till deadline. Or will I have to get another 30 day trial action code? Please advise.
So frustrating that Roland haven’t got a Windows 10 PCR-800 Driver!!

Does PCR-800 have an 5-pin midi ports at least ?

Your Pro 10 license is on your USB key and will continue to work till deadline.