PDC Delay Compensation ISSUES, iZotope Neutron, bypassing, reactivating fixes

Strange hardly noticeable but very important PDC issue. 2 different approaches I noticed it happening.

1st time
Insert an IZotope Neutron plugin on an FX buss before or after the FX.
The FX wasn’t set to 100% wet yet.
Noticeable phasing sound… what the! Spend some time thinking!!!
Deactivate Neutron via the bypass in the mixer
Reactivate Neutron via the bypass in the mixer
Sound is now correctly in time

2nd time
Using Shaper Box Volume Shaper on the master stereo bus, set to 1/4, simply to show the waveform relative to speaker movement (but static in how it displays) and how waveforms add together when soloing and muting tracks. When I solo’d my open hat, I noticed it was ahead of time. Thinking this might be related to the above issue, deactivating/reactivating various Neutrons in the project fixed the issue, once finding the right one.

No idea what’s causing this, seems to be random.

the plug-ins causing this

I guessed the plugin was the culprit but why isn’t it correct by default and pressing Cubase bypass button twice fixes the issue?

the plug-ins causing this, ask the plug-in vendor

So you know of this issue?

I’ve added Neutron to the title. If it’s specific to this plug in, others could be experiencing it too… just they might not notice. Things will be slightly out of time due to incorrect PDC. Knowing to look out for it should be quite important.

I have a reply from iZotope and they don’t seem to know the issue exists. Suggesting know issues with VST 2 but this is VST 3 and to send in some pictures so they can recreate.