PDC from MIDI sends is not working

Hi there,

PDC from MIDI sends is not working

( try sidechaining any volume envelope plugins and the delay is not calculated )

1.create Groove Agent SE vst instrument channel ( use any drum sample )
2.duplicate that
3.create midi track
4.send midi from midi track to both Groove Agent SE vst instruments
5.create group track
6.send one of the instruments to group
7.put any plugin with midi input ( preferably audio level plug such as Volumeshaper or Gatekeeper that has consistent identical processing on all instances ) to group and copy the exact settings to the unrouted Groove Agent vst instrument channel
8.reverse phase of group track
9.send midi to the plugin on the group and on the Groove Agent SE vst instrument channel
10.Create a midi part on the midi track and send any notes to the plugins
11.add any process heavy plugins to the group track that have a mix dry setting, turn mix to dry on all of these

play > Hear that there is no PDC taking place ( if it works you should hear silence - and sound only when muting the group )

Win8.1pro ( happens on mac too )
Cubase - all versions till 9.5.1

Shame issues like this get overlooked. I believe PDC has huge issues with Sidechain in general. I’ve noticed it with SC Dynamic EQ iZotope. Also having issues with heavy synths not reporting the correct amount of correction or any at all, Avenger.