PDF driver

I work with Adobe Acrobat pro and with the Adobe Creative Suite.
It means that the genuine Adobe pdf driver is installed on my system.
This is the driver I use to print all kind of pdfs and this driver offers a lot of important and very precise settings in order to produce professional pdfs. (These settings were previously called Job options).

In Doricos Print Option panel, I can choose a driver called “Adobe PDF”.
But this driver is not the Adobe one and it offers absolutely no setting.
The genuine Adobe pdf driver does not appear in the Print Options panel.

How can I use the genuine Adobe pdf driver with Dorico?

BTW I have read this thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=110007 where Daniel wrote in january:

Did something changed in the meantime?

I’m afraid we haven’t had a chance to address this yet. It remains on our list of things we plan to add in Print mode.

Thanks for your answer.
Great to hear that you consider this feature for the future.

I think this matter is very urgent! Not solved in four years (probably more). :frowning:

It is not optimal to have scores with hundreds of pages that is not recognizable for any Adobe program. Also annoying to find my older Sibelius files being fully searchable in Adobe programs - but not the new ones from Dorico.
The day the opportunity will come, one also must reprint all Dorico-PDF-files to make them recognizable. I hope for a batch process for that!
(I know I can make the Dorico-PDF-files recognizable with my Adobe Acrobat Pro DC - but then I lose a lot of quality; looks awful.)

What do you mean ‘not recognizable for any Adobe program’? There is nothing about the PDFs produced by Dorico’s Graphics Export that should make them unrecognizable. They are perfectly valid PDFs, and the text is searchable.

There is also no reason that optimizing the PDF in Acrobat with different job options should cause a loss a quality.

It sounds like you are creating bitmapped images and then converting them to PDF, somehow.