pdf export: all lyrics have the "chorus" font

There’s a bug in pdf export, please have a look at it.
You see, verses in an exported pdf file are italicized and they should not be:
font issue.PNG
Png export and Microsoft print to pdf work as expected.

Neopoustej nas maria_dotaz.7z (494 KB)

Is it possible that you are asking Dorico to use a “synthesised” font, e.g. you’re asking for a particular weight or style that is not actually installed on your computer? If so, then you may get different results when exporting PDF than you see on the screen, because the way that the underlying Qt application framework handles these two situations is different. If at all possible, only use weights of fonts that are actually installed on your computer and avoid asking for e.g. bold or italic versions of fonts that don’t provide those styles.

Thank you. I am still a bit confused about how to install fonts and the way they are then displayed in drop down menu in Dorico but I’ve downloaded a font version with “italic” in its name and somehow managed to set it as the chorus lyrics style. Problem solved. The score looks beautiful now (at least for me, maybe it’s too dense for some people - but that’s exactly how I’ve always imagined a good “performance ready score” to look like :slight_smile:).

Over time I am increasingly happy about purchasing Dorico. The workflow is really straightforward - you input things and default appearance is just … wow! Many a time I’ve tried to to tweak something in tricky places only to find out that the defaults might have been the best realization (or pretty close to best) after all. And the ease of inputting things … it reminds me of how much fun I had playing with Note Worthy Composer when i was a child :smiley: (not too bad software by the way - it was very easy to input something simple in it - you were not constrained by bars for example. And yeah … meter flexibility is one of things I like very much in Dorico)

Great, I’m glad you were able to resolve the problem.

is there a way to extract the lyrics FROM the Dorico score so I can c&p into a programme or song sheet (i.e. words only) in Word or something?

Hi. Have you tried using the Edit line of lyrics tool? (Write mode>Edit menu>Notations>Lyrics>Edit line of lyrics, or click on a lyric>context menu>Lyrics>Edit line of lyrics) You can copy and paste with that tool. It only shows one line, though, so you might need to repeat the operation for different verses and choruses.

Assuming you don’t want any repetition, omission or hyphenation, you might be better off finding a (decent) source for the text on the internet, be they poems, liturgical text, penned song lyrics, hymns, etc.

Thanks usually that would work - but it’s my own text - handwritten - for an hour of music (too many words!)

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Thanks Marc will try that - shame I can’t do the whole file.

hey mate that worked - for the entire piece! Just selected in there as you suggested and c/p into word - brilliant thanks!