PDF export (CMYK black)


pdf files, created with export option, aren’t K=100. Elements in PDF are divided into CMYK colour space.

Printing to PDF (using Adobe Acrobat DC Printer / WIn 10 PRO) gives proper result: K=100.

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Dorico does not support the full CMYK colour space in PDFs that it exports: it uses the RGB (technically ARGB) colour space.

However, if you set the ‘Mono’ (monochrome) option in the right-hand panel in Print mode, then you will get a PDF that uses true PostScript monochrome black.

If mono option works… on my PC (win 10 pro) doesn’t.
It makes pdfs in CMYK/RGB colour space. Checked in Output preview (Acrobat DC).

The crucial thing is that you will not find any strokes, paths, or fonts in the PDF file described using anything other than PostScript’s “setGray” method. We have had our PDFs verified by professional publishers’ pre-press process and they have confirmed that they satisfy their requirements for output without requiring further manipulation of the colour of any of the items in the file.

If, of course, this is not satisfactory for you, then you can continue to use Adobe Acrobat Pro as you currently do.

I will stay with Acrobat DC Printer - it is much better than Dorico’s pdf export. I don’t think it will pass publisher’s requirements. As written: pdf exported includes composite colours. Screenshot attached.
29-12-2016 19-52-25.png

I’ve been looking into this further and although I don’t have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat (I have Acrobat XI, the version before Acrobat DC) I don’t get the same results as you when looking at a PDF exported from Dorico with the ‘Mono’ option set. You can see what the Output Preview dialog shows for the PDF I have exported in the attached image.

If I choose to hide the different separations, only ‘Process Black’ makes any visible difference to the appearance of the document, which is exactly as I would expect. Likewise, if I select an item in the document via the ‘Object Inspector’ Preview, I am told that the ColorSpace is DeviceGray, which is also what I would expect.

I have tested a pdf export (different sample files created), then tested using acrobat output preview.
The same result: composite colors. So it will print on 4 plates (CMYK), when sending to a professional printer.


Can you attach your PDF here, or email it to me, so I can run it through the Output Preview tool in Acrobat on my own Windows machine? I can’t understand why there should be any difference.

Here attached the generated pdf and the result from Acrobat Pro Apple System (last version, OS X 10.12.2).

As you can see, it’s printed on 4 plates (CMYK). The percentages are taken pointing on a note.

I need to process the pdf (mono) created by Dorico through an Acrobat BN function to have a result that fulfils the requirements of the publishers I collaborate with (black 100%).

The file ‘test PartituraBeforeAcrobat.pdf’ is created by Dorico.
PdfTest.zip (754 KB)

small test file attached.

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EDIT: PDFs exported from Dorico as Mono and Color are byte identical. There is no difference between them.

I can only presume that in the latest release, the UI switch doesn’t work.

Just thought I’d bump this while Daniel’s online. It does look like a bug.

Please don’t bump threads, especially not if you want to get my attention. I find it really obnoxious! I have my own methods of keeping track of which threads need my further attention. I will look into this further and report back when I’ve had a chance to do so.

Sorry. :blush:
Won’t happen again. Here’s two identical PDFs for your consideration: one saved as MONO, the other as COLOR.
Dorico Output.zip (74.3 KB)

To follow up on this: we’ve found the problem, and we have a fix, which will hopefully be included in a bug fix update in the relatively near future.