PDF looks different than score in Dorico

I exported a harp score with glissandi in PDF.
It looks different than in Dorico. I don’t understand why.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-21 um 09.23.30
Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-21 um 09.23.36

Another example - watch the distance of the time-signature vs. rehearsal mark

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-21 um 09.58.45
Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-21 um 09.58.57

It’s likely your Dorico project contains two layouts: a “Full score” and a “Part”. If you’ve made local edits (to items’ graphical positions etc) in one layout, they may have only taken effect in one layout (depending on your property scope).

Did you definitely export the layout you were working in? It sounds like you may have worked in the Part layout, but exported the Full Score layout. In Print mode, it’s the layout(s) currently selected in the panel on the left that determine what gets printed/exported.

Alternatively, have you hidden items using the “opacity” colour setting, but exported the PDF as mono? As of Dorico 4.3, 100% transparent items should remain transparent when exporting mono graphics, but if they’re not completely transparent, they’ll reappear in the exported file.

Hey Lillie,
yes, I definitely exported the layout I’m working on. I tried it 3 times. I especially made new containers for the score etc…and harp stays harp…so the screenshots you see above are from the same instrument.
No hidden items using “opacity”.
And I mean if I have e.x. the harp layout in Dorico in front of me, shouldn’t the PDF look exactly the same?
I can understand that ‘full score’ and ‘parts’ look of course different. But harp and harp ??

Here are my exporting choices:

Probably easiest if you can share the project file itself, or at the very least, a screenshot of the full project window in Print mode.

I know Lillie - it would be the easiest - but it’s 1 hour of music - I can’t share that online - too risky, too afraid…doesn’t matter. It is like it is. You tried your best. Thanx a lot.

What do you mean with ‘the full project window’?

You can send your project file privately to me, if you prefer.

By “full project window”, I mean a screenshot that shows your entire Dorico project window in Print mode: Layouts panel on the left, toolbar at the top, Print Options panel on the right. Your last screenshot shows the Print Options panel, but tells me nothing about what layout(s) are selected (and to which those options relate) nor whether other layouts exist in your project, nor what the print preview area is currently displaying that might also be a clue as to why you’re getting different results in the exported PDF.

Okidoki…here is the screenshot - I hope it is the one you meant.
If this doesn’t give any clue, I’ll send you the score in PM…but it’s like 12 MB…how do i send i private message to u?

Ah…the print-preview section shows it correctly:

if i only extract the harp=part, the same problem:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-21 um 11.03.18

This might not be important, but in that last image, the squashed-up glissando X is extra ie following it are the 5 normal ones.
Have you tried Select All then Edit > Filter (for glissando lines and maybe even lines of whatever filter category might be relevant)?
It looks to me like they might be lines which have been hidden or had their colour and/or opacity changed.

If the issue is only in the harp part, you could make a duplicate version of the file just for this purpose, and in the duplicate file: delete all players except for the harp, and apply the Silence playback template. If the file size is still large, you could delete any extra flows/bars that aren’t needed to demonstrate the issue (that is, cut down the duplicate file just to the harp and the relevant section of music).

To send it privately to me, click on my image at the top left here, then in the pop-up, click the “message” button. Or, email me (which I think you’ve done before? so hopefully you still have the address somewhere)

It does indeed look like those aren’t “full” glissando lines, and are perhaps instead the carry-overs of glissando lines that start on the previous system and end at the beginning of bar 28. You could try double-checking in Engrave mode whether this is the case, and moving their endpoints graphically until the lines don’t appear.

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Dear Lillie, Robrecht and Daniel,

Thanx so much. I promise to follow this up. But I have such a sharp deadline at the moment - I need every minute for composing.