PDF Manuals - minor quibble

The two column per page layout is good for printed material. It is not very good for pdf reading. Search results are non-linear among other readability issues. It is especially odd on reading devices such as Kindles, iPads and … my android phone :smiley:

Can you please go with single column pdfs please…

And while doing so change the pdf size to regular A4, so when we print we get full paper real estate usage… I don’t have 190 x 228 mm size paper in my printer.

Luck, Arjan

or Letter (8.5x11) for us non Royal folk :slight_smile:

But for reader apps, single continuous flow is essential.

I converted the C5 pdf to the kindle format (sorry don’t remember which tools I used), and it turned out quite well. Better than most converted pdfs. I understand you are trying to read the pdf directly and I understand your quibble. Just thought I would point out a potential solution.


You got me. Funny how the obvious eludes me sometimes. I have Calibre which does conversion between formats. I’ll give it a whirl. The only problem I’ve had with those conversions is tables and things with formatting come out werid sometimes.

Thanks for the reminder!

Please elaborate - what is this Calibre? I don’t have a Kindle…

Calibre is freeware ebook software. It basically holds your collection of ebooks, and can convert between all types of formats. http://calibre-ebook.com/

Luck, Arjan

+1 for single columns. If Steinberg are moving away from printed manuals it would be good to have the index at the top of the Pdf - make it easier to get around. Maybe we need to rethink the navigability of the operation manual, but still keep it printable. Its an excellent manual though, I never have trouble finding what I need.