PDF manuals on new Steinberg.help site not working in Safari

It works in Chrome but not Safari. Am I missing something? Very cool in Chorome though!

It’s working just fine for me in Safari (17.5; Mac OS 14.5). Hmm….

It’s also working fine for me using Safari version 16.6.1 on a late 2014 iMac which is running MacOS 11.7.10. I normally use Firefox, but Safari had no trouble with the site.

Weird. Both my Apple Silicon Macs on 14.5 and Safari 17.5 are a no go. Empty page.

I see content briefly and then POOF!

Make sure Safari’s settings allow Javascript and stuff like that.

I just get an empty grey area under the header on Safari (17.5) on my M1 Mac Studio running Ventura 13.6.7. I do have Javascript enabled.

I tried different links referred to in this forum and some of them gave the same result you report. However, I found one that works and added it to my bookmarks in Safari. That link is:

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We’re aware of an issue with PDFs in Safari, unfortunately – apologies for the inconvenience, it will be resolved as soon as we can.


OT, but this section of the manual on Endpoints,

“Any changes you make within plug-ins are not communicated to Dorico Pro; for example, changing a sound that the expression map expects to use a modulation wheel for dynamics to one that uses note velocity instead. This can lead to unexpected low notes sounding in playback because Dorico Pro is still using the expression and percussion maps for the original sounds. If you make changes in plug-ins, you must manually assign the correct expression and percussion maps to the appropriate endpoints.”

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I wanted to add that I’m teaching at a jazz camp this week, and my brain is not running at full capacity.