PDF metadata

Does Dorico support the creation of PDF metadata, and, if not, are there any plans that this might be included in a future update?

Ideally, Dorico could populate the PDF metadata fields with relevant information from the project settings including title, composer and so on.
(The iOS sheet music reader app ForScore would then be able to extract the metadata for fast, convenient and flawless file organization.)


Yes, I think this would be useful, and I hope we would be able to do this in future. At the moment, the Qt application framework we’re using doesn’t have any direct capabilities for inserting metadata when creating PDF files, but perhaps we could apply some kind of post-processing step to handle it.

Sounds promising … Thanks!


+1 on this. I’ve been using ForScore the past few years, and it’d be handy to have this feature.

+1 on this as well! Any updates? I, too, am using a music reading software for performance and rehearsal these days, and importing my own PDFs is a pain! Have to re-type everything.

I’d never thought of this previously but I’d love it too. I make extensive use of the keyword tagging in macOS because it helps the finder render more accurate/faster results. I’d love to enter in this data while exporting (or as an additional field in project info).

No, there are no updates on this, I’m afraid. It remains on our backlog as something we would like to be able to add in future.