PDF question

This isn’t a Dorico question, but I’m hoping someone can help. I typically output letter size pdf files (I’m a Mac guy, btw), then use Cheap Imposter to make them into booklet files on tabloid paper. I always keep both sets of files (letter and tabloid) in case of future needs, but I have one piece where for some reason I didn’t keep the letter files.

The problem is that I need to send them to someone who doesn’t have a tabloid printer, just letter size. Given that all I have is the booklet/tabloid files, does anyone know how I can return them to letter files, or somehow extract the letter files from them.


In Acrobat, I print them as PDF to letter size, and “fit to size” or something like that.

Thanks, Dan. But I don’t think I’ve made myself quite clear. The tabloid file I’m talking about is two letter-size pages printed side by side on one tabloid (landscape) page. Printing that tabloid page “to size” on a letter file will just be putting two small letter pages on one letter page.

I need to somehow extract the letter sized pages from the tabloid page and put them on the letter sized paper, one at a time, without reducing their size.


If you’ve got Acrobat Pro you can set up a Cropbox to get all the left pages, then save that as a new file. Then go back to the original file, set a Cropbox to get all the right pages. Then (probably laboriously) rearrange all the pages from both files so that they’re in the correct order.

Split imposed PDF pages into 2 separate pages

Open Adobe Acrobat
Print> Adobe PDF or cutePDF
Page Scaling>"Tile Large Pages”
Set Tile Scale to 100% and overlap to 0 (if not fitting in 8.5x11 then try to set Tile Scale to 90% …need to do trial and error with the %…of showing on 11x17 paper in preview)
Print the document with PDF printer as a new .pdf file…may take a few minutes

Thanks much!