Pdf vs print preview show different layering of objects

I’ve attached a one bar test project with a hidden key switch note (I had no time to create an expression map yet). The dynamics should appear on the same spot as the hidden note when printed. In print preview it looks ok, I can see the dynamic marking just fine, but in the resulting pdf the dynamic mark disappears behind the hidden note. Is there a way to avoid this?
Test project.pdf (11.2 KB)
Hidden note dynamics test.dorico (468.4 KB)

You used Microsoft Print to PDF, not the built-in Print > Export method, which works fine for me.


You can use MIDI Trigger Regions to add keyswitches, which might be better.

Sorry for not mentioning it, it’s not the Full Score, but the part layout (Classical Guitar).

That also works fine for me, using Print mode > Graphics.


Indeed, thanks!