pdfs look fuzzy on monitor screen

When I create pdfs using Adobe, they look great on the monitor and print fine. (But you have to name all the parts manually.)

When I create pdfs using Dorico’s graphics to pdfs, they look fuzzy on the monitor, but they print fine. The fuzzy appearance on the monitor makes it very difficult to proofread. (Experience determines, you need to proofread the pdfs too.) Fuzzy = staff lines different widths, little white gaps in accidentals, accents, and text. Any way to get the Dorico graphics generated pdfs to look sharp on the monitor screen?


Are you on Windows or Mac, and what application are you using to preview the PDFs?

Dorico’s PDFs are well-formed so there’s no particular reason why they should look poor on screen. I guess you must be using Adobe Reader on Windows, but let me know if that’s not the case.

Windows 10, using Adobe Acrobat 9 (not Reader). When the Dorico generated pdfs look fuzzy on the screen, if I zoom to make it huge, it looks clear, but it’s too big to be of much use, too big to see the whole page on the monitor screen. I don’t have this problem with any other pdfs.

I really do think this is a problem with Adobe Reader’s rasteriser rather than any problem with Dorico’s PDFs. I’ve not tried it myself, but please try Foxit Reader as a free alternative to Adobe Reader and see if you get the same results, or try viewing the PDF in your web browser, which should also look better than it does in Adobe Reader.

Because of technical problems, I am working now in Yosemite from an external partition instead of High Sierra. I noticed that the PDFs and also Dorico itself look a little fuzzy, not that clear as before. Can this have anything to do with working in Yosemite?

Daniel, thanks for your info! You were right, with Foxit Reader and with my browser the Dorico graphics generated pdfs looked fine. The problem must have been the old age of my Adobe program. When I downloaded the newer, free Adobe Acrobat DC, it looks fine. So relieved, thank you!