PDFtoMusic Pro 1.7.5 on macOS - quirky

Hello, one of my favourite tools for .musicxml import to Dorico is PDFtoMusic. I am using the Pro version on macOS.
This application works very well on scores in .pdf format, if they have been produced by a notation software - not on images from scores.
It imports the lyrics very well as well, has some extra gadgets (like a virtual singer for different languages) and is definitely worth a try if one is working with musicxml format. I can even configure the application that it automatically saves the .xml files to a specific folder and automatically import and open in Dorico f.e.
I have just updated from version 1.7.4 to version 1.7.5 and noticed a big change: in the Open and Export dialogue the macOS GUI has disappeared and has been replaced by a Linux type interface. I find this quite annoying and wonder, if anybody else came across this quirk. I am (still) using macOS 10.14.6

this is the GUI so far:

now it looks like this:

I’m afraid this is off-topic for this forum, Klaus. Please raise this issue with the good people at Myriad Software.