pdif routing problem

im using cubase 4 studio on my 2011 macbookpro 15".
i have just purchased a profire 610 audio interface and im using the pdif ports on my tascam 2488 to the pdif’s on the pro fire 610.
but i cant find how to route the signal to cubase. can anyone help?
many thanks in advance Dan

Where has Sony gone?

:laughing: … maybe Philips just kicked them out of the door.

can any of you guys help please?

Set up a bus in Cubase and connect it as explained in the manual just as you do with any analogue input.

thanks dude i was looking for the pdif in the drop down box so this explains it i will try it later tonight and let you know thanks again

Sorry daniel, my rather nerdy humour was rather out of place, even If I still think it’s funny :stuck_out_tongue:


It was, indeed!