Peace EQ APO and the cubase.

Hi :slight_smile:
I recently installed EQ apo, because of my speaker booming in the bass.
It works fine when I linsten to the music by computer.
However, when I use DAW like cubase, it seems that the output of DAW is going past the Apo eq, not being controled by it. So the booming areas I adjusted with Eq are still booming. This problem is also appearing on the Reaktor5(NI vsti) standalone mode.
briefly, this EQ works with Window, but not with DAW and Vstis.
I hope someone has some idea to deal with this.
Thank you very much!

It’s because EQ apo is for “WDM audio drivers” and Cubase/ Reaktor use Asio (that’s the point to asio, direct access to hardware to reduce latency)

In cubase you can activate Control room and insert any EQ to your stereo out. Latency add will be close to none (unless you use HQ linear phase, it use to add latency) and you will be able to set what you want without affecting your final mix.

That’s what I was doing before buying cheap behringer EQ ^^

+1 ^^^^^^^

Thank you very much !! :slight_smile:

Yes with Voice Meeter it works now.

I link to myself there and havent had any Cubase crash but it stopped working sometimes when I do other things not related to Cubase
since I have many things going and not dedicated it to DAW.
But good latency and easy to manage if you have taken messaurement via REW.
1% for EQ APO and 1% for Voice Meeter CPU, ruffly.
I live with that to have global eq.
And the best it’s free.

The quick and dirty way to this is:
Take an measurement in REW 1/12 smoothing.
Export it as csv file.
In EQ APO open an Graphic EQ variable band.
Import the csv file, keep the amp volume down, in the import button to the right in Graphic EQ.
Invert the measurement, third button.
Normalize it, fourth button.
Add an Preamp to match the gain.