Peak CPU average load and real time peak

Hi guys

Having a new computer, and Cubase 9 was confronted with an unusual amout of CPU usage and real time peaks.
Is my new computer slower? is the computer hardware defective ?
One of my specifics was the desire to still use my old PCI AES 16 by Lynx.
I then got a recent Mobo that could take and older PCI the Asus Z-270-K

I wondered if that was the source of my problem , talked to people at Lynx, We made sure I did not get a Gigabyte mobo (because of the PCI bridge)
My board is legit. He advised my to disable Hyper threading, Speed Test, EISD, Cp 1-3-6-7 in the bios which I did.
Helped a little bit.
Not being happy, I borrowed a RME USX USB to bypass the PCI to test same CPU usage !!
Tested many different loads and all
The biggest difference was when I put the Asio Guard (high) Where I got rid of real time peak completly and somewhat lowered my average load.

That’s where I am now.
Wanted to share that experience for those who search like I did…

I’ve found on my MSI Raider x99 with 16GB and 6800k win x64 runs best at BIOS and windows defaults. With HT ON
I assume you have an SSD?
Did you check for interupt conflicts?
What’s your videocard?
Did you OC?
Did you apply windows tweaks?
What’s your buffersize?
Did you run the latencymon tests?
Dissabled networking?

Thank you Raphie
Sorry for my newbie coming questions…

Yes I do have an SSD for my system disk 500Gb
My video card is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 640
Interrupt conflict ? What is it and How to check it ?
Did you OC? (sorry do not know what it is)
Specific window Tweaks suggested ?
I have tested different buffer size
Did not run a latencymon test (what could it tell me ?)
Disable networking ? You mean wifi or internet connection

Thank you for your help

Christian Frappier

OC is overclock in your BIOS for faster speeds, often causes more problems than it solves
Start with latencymon, read the instructions abd it will show you what is causing your dropouts.