Peak files not deleting

Even though there is an option in the Preferences, the peak files generated do not delete after closing Wavelab. I think it’s because it uses a different file extension than in the past.

Just pointing this out as a potential bug fix for a future maintenance update. Feel free to delete it if this is not the appropriate venue.

A quick test seems to show it works. Hence please give more details about your procedure and about the files that are not erased. Thanks.

First and foremost, thank PG for your response. I have been a user of WaveLab since 2009 and for good reason =]

So you are indeed correct, the .gpk files are deleted if you select the “Delete peak files after quitting WaveLab”.

But there is a file that does remain and it has a “.wav.vs” extension, regardless of its original audio type. Noticing this, this looks like, to me at least, something that is a part of some functionality in WaveLab 12.

Once again, thank you for your response and standing by for the next one =]

.vs file is because you have this setting set (red arrow)

Secondly, you can choose where you want that file to be saved (green arrow).

Ha! That was brilliant on my part. :joy:

Thank you, once again, for answering an old fool :wink: =]