Peak Files Not Generating


I’ve just moved to WL9 form WL6. (I also run WL7 on a Mac)

One thing I’ve noticed is the lack of audio window view preferences: gone seems the ability to cascade or horizontally / vertically stack windows – i.e., only one window can be viewed at any one time. It seems like this means peak files are only generated once an audio window is actually selected and viewed. Which is a terrible thing if you’re trying to generate peak files for a hundred files.

So did I miss this viewing option somewhere? Please tell me I did! If not, I’ll probably keep using Wavelab 6 for generating peak files.



I don’t think there’s a viewing option (could be wrong), but what you could try is, after opening the files, hold down and continue to hold Ctrl-Tab (shortcut for Activate Next Tab in the Workspace Menu) to have Wavelab quickly scan through and open each of the tabs in turn. I think that will work to make the peak files. It might take 5 or 10 seconds to scan through all of them.

Or insert or drag all the files to a track in a montage, if they’re all the same sample rate, and that should make the peak files if you expand out to view all.

Thanks for the workarounds Bob. Looks like WL9 won’t see the WL6 peak files.

You’re welcome. Maybe it’s obvious, but if you use the first method (audiofile tab scanning), it will go back to the beginning and continue indefinitely until you let up on the keys. So it helps to notice when it gets there, so you know you can release the keys.

Just want to chime in. This is kind of a PITA. Ideally peak files should be generated in the background on opening groups of many files as they used to be.