Peak Level in Audio Mixdown

I have a wav file whose peak level is 0.171db. If I simply import this file into a new Cubase 7.5 project and then do an Audio Mixdown, the peak level has dropped to -2.839dbs. What is attenuating the peak level (I’ve no compression etc)?

Is that to be expected? :question:


With what software did you see the original peak level of 0.171? You meant dBFS?

I would check the pan law you are using with the project that produces your mixdown.


Thanks for getting back to me. I was doing something rather stupid!
I imported a mono wav file & exported to stereo - so no wonder :laughing:

I was using wavelab level normaliser “Find Current Peak Value” which gives answers in dbs.

Anyway imported a stereo file, did an audio mixdown and the levels remained the same.

Thanks for the support.