Peak Meters for 5.1 in Cubase - didn't find any?


Imported a 5.1 wave file into Cubase and try to figure out how to check peaks on each channel?
Since I have stereo out I get the plugin for conversion, but there are no meters anywhere for individual channels.

Looked through plugins, but no luck.

And I see no way to just split them onto separate tracks either?
Closest was Tracks from Lanes - but there is only one lane with all 6 channels.

Any ideas???


You will need to go to “Audio Connections” and create a 5.1 output. Which can be done either on the outputs tab or the control room tab.



Thank you, it does help.

Like just not connect to any outputs, but the format is 5.1 - and you get a 6 channel meter?
If that is it - great idea.

Also have some hope creating a 5.1 bus - and then the VstMultiChannel comes up instead of MixConvert62.
There seem to be meters on that plugin.

Still looking at doing sends from each of 6 channels to it’s own track, two stereo and two mono.
MixConvert62 has to strip so just one channel comes through for the two mono sends.
This to do some processing.

  1. Create a 2.0 output in the OUTPUT tab. Assign Left to output one and right to output two.
  2. Import your 5.1 audio file.
  3. Create a 5.1 group bus. Assign it to Stereo Out
  4. Assign the 5.1 audio track to your group bus. You should be able to hear all channels coming thru your speakers and be able to see all levels on the audio track.

If you want the 6 channels on their own mono track, go to export mixdown and select Split Channels. This is the only way I can think of to get the channels separated so you could use sends on them individually.

Thanks again.
Did assign the 5.1 track to 5.1 group bus - and I got meters on 5.1 track, perfect.
What is still weird though is that LFE show levels that are almost up where other channels are, even when no audio.
Same thing using Vst Multipanner . if raising LFE it shows levels in parity with other channels, even though nothing there on track.

To be able and edit levels freely and also look at hipassing some tracks to see if it sounds better I did this:
a) created 4 prefader sends, two stereo and two mono - and muted the group 5.1 bus to only hear through sends.
b) In channels settings I went through each send MixConvertv6 settings to only let through L+R on first stereo, Ls+Rs on second stereo, Center on first mono and LFE on second mono.

Now I started to both hear and see levels that more resembled could see is there on the track(not what track meters show).
And level on the one that deviated the most - LFE - show what I see on audio track - but way lower, like -20dB from what meters on 5.1 track tell.

Never would have guess it would take so much effort to do this simple thing - just look at and adjust or mute any track.
There must be a simpler way?

I’m sure MultiPanner is very versatile, but a huge uphill battle to really understand what is there. And think this is doing to much spatial stuff, to just trust and listen to something you imported and fiddle a little.

Anyway, mission accomplished - what I took from a DVD that distorted heavily I have concluded that it was encoded with really, really low bitrate - that is why it distored so much compared from the film itself with 5.1. It’s really fraudulent to even say you get a DVD with soundtrack and that quality.

In this case it was the film Inception and the music of Hans Zimmer which is really nice.
But what did to that soundtrack on separate dvd is horrible example to cheat customers. Not really good for anything.

Anyway, last 7 minutes of film with just end texts - had really nice quality 5.1 - so screw the soundtrack they provided.
Incredibly cool film though Inception - don’t miss it.