Peak to Loudness Ratio

Hello experts,

Does any of wavelab’s meters show the Peak to Loudness Ratio? (PLR)

According to Bob Katz, the PLR is one necessary feature for a proper decision making process regarding loudness. In page 261 of “Mastering Audio: the Art and Science” he states that Loudness meters must have 3 essential features:

  1. Variable LU calibration (wavelab’s loudness meter features this)
  2. Hidden peak meter (wavelab’s loudness meter features this)
  3. PLR indication (where is it?)


I don’t know if it’s exactly what you are looking for but in the file analysis tab we have a “Loudness Range” measurement.

See attachment.

Just look at the level meter. Compare the peak level to the average level – that’s really all you need to get the ratio you’re looking for - the “Crest Factor”. The PLR is exactly that…

Peaks hitting around 0? RMS averaging around -8? Your “ratio” I guess is 8:0. Peaks at 0, RMS at -14? - your ratio is 14:0.


PLR = True Peak - Integrated Loudness
You have these values on the Wavelab loudness meter so it’s easy to calculate the PLR value from the meter (or you can calculate the PLR value after doing an analysis of the file).

And … to sate the obvious … it’s what your ears are hearing that matter. Not what a meter says.

I agree with everything everybody else said, but I’d still second a feature request for PLR. It’s pretty prominent on some other meters.

Yes, to be considered.

And also PSR please.

Its a feature request, then.

I know that I can get the info by a simple substraction, but still, would like the LU meter to offer an exact PLR value