Hi,in the vst performance meter the real time peak keeps around 30% then spikes to the red briefly causing pops on playback.
this is only a few vstis and effects.
my saffire pro 24 interface is set to 520 buffer size.
I hadnt this prob with 6.5 with so little vstis and effects.
any clues?


Same thing happening to me. Very annoying… I wonder if it’s something running in the background, like windows or any other program.

That’s a very high buffer size, funkman. Most units these days can go 64 or 32 although most find 128 is ample. On some cards new drivers can be picky at higher sample rates / buffer sizes as much as lower so just experiment and see if it settles.

hi,yeah my safire pro 24 goes down to 32,but if its peaking and glitching at 512 not much point going to 32.
i have a AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor 3.20 GHz i def. dontthink it should be peaking!

It wouldn’t take long to take your card down to 128 or 64. I’d try it to see. In fact I wonder why you’re working at that rate without knowing what the lower sample rates are first. Most new drivers are set at default way below that. You could also, using ASIO4ALL, see if you get better results with your onboard soundcard.

The is really bad, i get peaking at 22% CPU load… real time spikes all over the place, sitting on 512. 6.5 was much more stable.

You both have something in common , your running AMD instead of intel , i wonder if that could be the issue ?

I’m assuming you’ve all run latency monitor ( There’s no point, in my opinion, coming to the forum to hunt down the problem before running this genius little program. Last time I looked, it wasn’t working properly with Windows 8 in that its reported latency figures were incorrect - however it definitely shows you where and when your spikes are and allows you to try their suggested tweaks.


Steinberg redesigned the instrument engine for 7/7.5 so I am guessing it has to do with unoptimized code.
They probably also made changes to the asio engine (to implement asio guard) so this is why version 7 spikes so much more than 6.

Yes it’s happening on Intel i7. Chip as well with 7.5, There are more threads popping up on this now, which I think it’s important to post and ring the bell so steinberg will take notice of the scale of the problem, And we can exchange notes here "…I don’t think trouble shooting will solve this however learning optimization tricks and tips from others is a good thing for improving workflow ,