Pearl E-Pro Live Drum

Really excited about my new purchase of Pearl E-Pro LIve… I actually got the heads/Red Box module/Cymbals and placed on a set of Pearl Vision drums. I am not a drummer (at play at the drums lol) Is anyone using and can you share advise on how you are setting up…Velocity triggers (I got Brass cymbal set)/outputs using aux and main out or anything you can think of in process?

Nice, I played on one just a few days ago in a store :slight_smile:
The feel is amazing, wasn’t really impressed with the sounds though. That red Pearl module is an Alesis DM10 in a new shiny case.
Do you have triggers on the cymbals too? The dude in the store had acoustic cymbals without the triggers, I think he suggested getting Surge cymbals for triggering but I could be wrong. I have yet to see reliable triggering on acoustic cymbals.
edit: I see in the product video they have their own equivalent of surge cymbals, they look exactly like mine so I wouldn’t be surprised if they partnered with Alesis for that as well.

It plays great though, and if you are just looking for an acoustic looking and feeling kit to trigger VST drumkits that I suppose this is as good as it gets. For live playing I’d personally get a different module with better samples on it.

I’d look around on the drummer forums for the best info. They’ve usually got edrum sections where tips on triggering and settings to avoid crosstalk etc. Mind you, these days edrums usually come loaded with sensible settings.
I find that you get more controller info if you try and play GAO drumkits via midi though I’m just getting used to a Yamaha dtx540 at the minute which sounds really good acoustically. I should think the Roland should be just as good.
And you can set up GAO with the sounds from the module. SoSound has an article on that now I think.

Glen Caruba from Pearl came over and set them up for me and they sound awesome. I have the drums triggering the BFD cymbals and a kick from there also. Also sound great with Superior… the 2 drummers that came by to cut with the them loved the way they felt.

I had a Roland TD10 kit for many years and the Pearl Red Box kit kicks its ass. They trigger perfectly 0 latency when triggering samples from BFD2 and Superior. I need to tweak velocity settings on the hi hat/snare for each drummer but its real close now and the Pearl kits by themselves sounds great for tracking…Killer acquisition lol

Interesting, did your Roland not trigger very well?
I tweaked my alesis kit to infinity and it triggers exceptionally well in 99.99% of the cases.

Interesting, did your Roland not trigger very well?
I tweaked my alesis kit to infinity and it triggers exceptionally well in 99.99% of the cases.

Never messed with the Alesis but heard they were nice. Depending on who played the Roland I always had trouble, wasn’t crazy about the kit sounds and when triggering always had issues w/drums triggering correctly. These Pearls are real drums and play like it, when triggering BFD and Superior they seem to respond perfectly right out of box with no changes having been made. I play mostly keys but also a little ‘at’ the drums, so so I am not best judge of playing them lol, but the two guys that used them last week were great players and they loved them. Jimmy had cut prior here on the Rolands and hated playing them but likes these enough to get some.

Sometime next week I am going to download the zildjians I will let you know how they sound. Its funny though Bob sabatica (i think thats his last name) is designer on these and he was also in charge of Rolands kit. So far it seems they got it right…also heard they may switch to an iPad and alesis docking station. That will be really nice as software will always be upgradable that way.

I have been looking into getting some Zildjian Gen16 cymbals. It’s a bit of an investment so I’d really like to know how long they last. They look great though, and offer the advantages of accoustic without the noise and difficulties of miking.
But then again it has no trigger to midi, nor can they be triggered by midi obviously, so you’d really have to play it right in one go.

Looked at the website and they look cool, I am confused about how they work…there seems to be a library of sounds for computer but built in mics in cymbals? Maybe you can clarify

If they’re what I think they are but I haven’t seen a set yet.
They are just cymbals with lots of holes so they can be used miked up but they will be quiet. They also have connectors for use with a drum module. The module will have midi out. Alesis DM7 or equivalent should do nicely.
To all appearances they are real cymbals and should last that long which is pretty good these days.
Before you buy check the connections with the ads or email the shops and see how many triggers they have. Typically, cymbal pads have one, two or three zones. I would surmise these, from the pricing, have three. I say this as it may affect any decision regarding what leads or module you will need. One, two and three zone pads have different leads mono, stereo or three-connector which go into corresponding sockets in the modules. It is fairly important you understand this.

Nope, they have no triggers at all. The module has 5 preamps and a bunch of filter presets which can make the cymbals sound differently. No midi connectivity whatsoever, this is pure analog recording. The samplesets you found are actually sampled from Gen16, not for Gen16 :wink:. The holes are indeed for dampening, they are very quiet for accoustic cymbals. With the mics so close they can still pick up enough sound, but you have to be wary for feedback from stage monitors etc, as these are just regular mics in that respect.

The lack of trigger functionality puts me off, as much as I like accoustic cymbals, being able to record midi and edit it, and trigger whatever I want is worth more to me.
If someone has em give some input!


They are indeed NOT the modified E-cymbals I thought they were. My apologies for misinformation and thanks Srophoid for straightening that out.
I thought that they were e-cymbals that could be used as real, albeit low volume cymbals, and also as trigger pads as needed. They seem to be a different animal.
I’m not sure where their usefulness would be in relation to a (midi) DAW for the most part but look great for inputting live recordings or performance.