Peavey PV14 USB Mixer

I’m using my PV14 USB mixer successfully in Windows 8 for both input and output, using a direct USB connection.

However, not within Cubase LE AI Elements 6. Cubase doesn’t list the PV14 as a VST output, and I can’t make it show up as an input either. There is no USB driver listed for download at the Peavey site for this mixing board.

Any ideas?



First, go to your hardware manufactures website to find the most recent supported ASIO or CoreAudio driver for your Audio Interface and Operating System (PC or Mac)

If you are on a PC, please keep in mind we only recommend using your hardware manufactures dedicated ASIO driver as we do not support generic ASIO drivers i.e. (Generic Low Latency and Direct X Full Duplex Driver). However If your manufacture supplies only a generic ASIO driver, we recommend the ASIO4ALL driver which can downloaded here.

After Installing the driver, be sure your Audio Interface is connected to the computer via USB or Firewire.

Launch your Cubase Application and create or open a project.

To select your Audio Interfaces driver please go to Devices>Device Setup> click VST Audio System and at the top of the window select the ASIO driver to your Audio Interfaces. Please be sure the correct audio driver is selected before closing this window.

Next you must go to VST Connections to setup your Input/Output configuration to your Audio Interface. To find this go to Devices>VST Connections>Check the Output Tab first then click on your Device Ports and Select your Audio Interfaces output options. Next check the Input Tab and click on your Device Ports to Select your Audio Interfaces input options. If the Input or Output Tab options say “Unmapped” then click or double click the box that says unmapped and select the correct buss from the menu below. Next, click the checkbox that says always map and click “OK”. If you have more Inputs or Outputs on your audio interface select “Add Buss” to configure additional I/O then exit out of the window.