Peavey PV6 mixer (Not USB) and Cubase 5

Bought myself one of these mixers before Christmas and I still can’t get it to work in Cubase 5. If I just plug my guitar into the mixer and then plug my headphones in then everything is fine and dandy and there is no latency issues whatsoever. So…

I plug an RCA lead into the Tape out sockets at the back of the mixer and put the other end into the line in socket on my PC.
Then I fix an RCA lead into the Tape in socket at the back of the mixer and plug the other end into the headphone jack in the back of the PC.

That is apparently the correct way but I get horrific latency issues then when trying to record through it. I can’t find any decent instructions anywhere on the net and I think I have wasted £70 on this poxy mixer.

Does anyone else use a Peavey PV6 mixer with Cubase 5 and if so then could you possibly tell me where I am going wrong as I-m ready for throwing it through the window.

Tried it through the Asio full duplex driver but that is something that has never really worked for me and I can’t figure out how to do the correct settings.
Tried asio4all and have the bar set right up to 2046 and it won’t go any further and there is still a delay.
Dunno what else to try.


The trouble is with your sound card, not the mixer.

The latency is a function of the buffer size, the ASIO4ALL drivers are your best bet, the smaller the buffer size the less latency you will suffer.

There is really no substitute to a proper external audio card with the correct ASIO driver.

Thanks Split. Had a feeling it was going to be a inboard soundcard issue. I have ordered an external soundcard to try out so will see how that goes.

Now this is what really puzzles me, buffer sizes. If I use asio4all I have to have the bar right up to the 2046 mark.If I have it something between 128 and 256 then no audio plays at all. Do you have to adjust any other settings in asio4all? I have always left the other sliders and tick boxes at default settings because I dunno what I am doing half the time.

I don’t really know as I have never used the ASIO4ALL driver, I do know that some use it with low latency and it seems to work for them. Maybe someone that knows can chip in?

It would be handy to post you computer specs so we can get an idea of how suitable it is.

Have put my computer specs into my signature now.