Peavey PV6 USB and Cubase Essential 5

I have a Peavey PV6 USB 6 channel mixer. Am I able to record the different channels onto different tracks at the same time? I get the feeling I can’t record more than one channel at a time, but I am so new to this I thought I’d ask. Right now I am recording one instrument at a time, but would like to know whether or not I have the option of recording two or more at the same time onto different tracks. Any help would be great.

How many input ports are available in VST Connections?

Right now it is showing one.

What about the dropdown to select the ports? What exactly is listed?

Under Device Port it says: “USB Audio Codec -1” for the left and “USB Audio Codec -2” for the right.
Should I add another BUS?
I have to go to work and won’t be able to work on this for about 11 hours.
Hopefully when I get back on I will be able to figure this out.
Thank you for the help so far.

In device manager you should be able to see all available in and outputs. If there’s more inputs than the one you already use you can indeed add a bus and assign them, like you said.
Or you just create a new bus anyway and see if there’s anything you can assign as an input.

I was able to send the audio back out through the mixer.
Still not sure how to assign specific channels from the mixer to the tracks in Cubase.
All available help is still very much welcome.

Still not getting it…Under “Devices” and then “Device Setup…” Should I select “Generic Remote” under “Remote Devices”?

Generic remote has to do with MIDI controllers, so that unrelated. Is there no manual for the peavey where you can find the amount of digital outputs?

I read on another forum that I will only be able to use 2 channels individually, and that is fine for me right now. I just wish I knew how to assign specific channels on the mixer to specific tracks in Cubase. The Manual is pretty basic, it just names each control and what it can do. Here is the link for the manual.

Is it possible that it can’t do what I want it to?


That manual makes no mention of any USB connection at all… :confused:

Anyway, I’m pretty much in the same boat, my audio interface has only 1 stereo input. What I do if I want to record multiple instruments, for example 2 guitars is this:
Pan 1 guitar far left on the mixer, and the other far right. Create 2 mono audio tracks in Cubase and select left and right as their inputs respectively. That’s as much as you can get from 1 stereo input. You can of course record as many MIDI inputs as you wish simultaneously, so in theory you can record as many digital instrumens as you wish + 2 ‘real’ instruments.
You can then later play-back the midi and record the audio from the instrument you played.

The PV6 USB mixer sends the stereo buss to the usb so you only have two channels to play with.

To set up two mono channels from the mixer use Channels 1 and 2 on the PV6, pan ch 1 hard left and channel 2 hard right.

In Cubase make two mono channels and select input 1 (USB Audio Codec -1) and channel 2 (USB Audio Codec -2)

That should do it.

Edit, sorry Strophoid looks like I just said what you said.

Thanks guys! I’ll give it a try when I get home tonight.
Much appreciated!

Sweet!! It worked. Thanks.
Now I have to fix the latency issue.