Peculiar Mouse pointer behaviour when using Notepad

Hi, just upgraded to C10.0.40 on Windows 7. So far so good but I,m experiencing one small issue - when typing into the Notepad field on the Project window Inspector, I lose my mouse pointer and I can’t close the Notepad field. The mouse pointer remains visible when it’s outside of a Cubase window (over the Windows taskbar the desktop, for instance) but as soon as I move the pointer onto Cubase screen real estate it disappears and I can’t control Cubase at all. My workaround is to close the Cubase project window via the Windows taskbar and reopen it, then all is well, the Notepad is closed and I have my Mouse pointer back!

Any ideas as to how to cure this?

Try using the Esc key to leave the notepad.

Thanks, I’ll try that.