Peculiar Q.. is it possible to place a line behind the notehead?

The issue is this - I am trying to beam together a fannebeam and an 1/8 while keeping that 1/8 as an 1/8 but I can’t. DORICO Insist on beaming the whole figuration as fannebeam. So what I did was hiding that 1/8 note stem and using the lines menu I attached that 1/8 visually to the fannebeam figuration. However - the stem line appears above the note head, not behind. Is there a work around? also - when I try to move the horizontal line it moves to much and doesn’t look clean enough… is there a way to move it just a little bit ? maybe ctrl + alt or something … (doesn’t do this) .
Thanks in advance for your guidance.

AFAIK ctrl+alt+shift+arrow moves by 1/32th space. Not sure it works in Note Spacing sub-mode but it is worth trying.

I thank you for your reply. I have tried that… I think in normal zoom the gap will not be noticed… I’d need a pixel per alt tap to go about this.

Also the stem placement meters only when we want to use colors…

Thanks again.
(Don’t know why I can’t beam together 1/8 note and fannebeam though…)
Take care.


Hi Rami.

Here’s another solution : I use another voice for the first and last 8th notes, hide the rests in between and beam them together. Then aligning the beams is quite easy.

fanned beam and normal beam together.dorico (484,3 Ko)

Hope it helps!


Very nice indeed :slight_smile:
Did you just erase the rests like remove them (ctrl+shft+r) ? I didn’t see a way to hide the rests… and then you flip the upper beam over :slight_smile:
Cool :slight_smile: thanks for that, I have already worked it out with the artificial lines but this is a much more stable a solution.

Yes indeed. My shortcut is ctrl-r, so I suppose it’s not set by default. Remove rests did the trick, as well as voice column index 0 for the first 8th note and some beam tweaking in Engrave mode. It seems stable, yes, but would probably need to be tested in a real life situation (especially the tweaking of the beams, everything else will stay perfectly where it needs to).

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Will check it out.
My ability with Dorico is limited but I am getting along…
The main thing for me is somehow to reach a performance score :slight_smile: with preferably audio ref. :slight_smile: I am working on this project for quit sometime now but I feel I am advancing :slight_smile: ( I have finished writing this piece @1989 n.y. but it was too hard to be preformed - my friends have suggested me to arrange it into a two pianos piece hope it will touch life :-))))) )
Thanks very much for your help.

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