Pedal as input and speakers as output?

Hello all,

I bought a Zoom G2.1u pedal some time ago, that came with LE4. I’ve been using both since then, and everything works fine. Well, kinda. I used the Zoom G Series Asio driver that came with it, which only lets me set the pedal as both input and output. But recently, I’ve started using my pedal pretty much only as a USB interface to plug my guitar into my PC, aka I prefer using VSTs for my effects, not my pedal. The problem is that when I use the Zoom driver, like I said, I have to use my pedal as output so if I record in clean sound, and apply distortion with a VST, even if I turn on monitoring, I hear both the processed sound and raw clean sound at the same time, which is very disturbing. So what I would like to do would be to set my pedal as input, and my PC speakers as output (I wish to stress that point: plugging my speakers into the output of my pedal is not the solution to my problem).

I’ve tried using ASIO4ALL drivers, it seems to work fine, I can select it in Device Setup (my Cubase is in French, but I think that’s what it’s called in English). But in VST Connection, Input tab, Device Port column, there’s only ‘not connected’ and ‘in at front panel’ (which I supposed is the mic) available, can’t find my pedal. So I went back to Device Setup, and clicked on the Control Panel. There, it said ‘WDM device list’, with my sound card and ‘Zoom G series audio’. Had no idea what that was, but selected it, and lo and behold, I can now use my pedal as input, but 1) the recorded sound is awful, and 2) I still can only use my pedal as output, no sound coming out of my speakers.

One thing to add: in a review of the pedal I have, the reviewer said that he recommended to use ASIO4ALL instead of the Zoom ones, which I took to mean ‘I use ASIO4ALL (or know its possible)’.

Any help would be appreciated, I’m lost on this one and don’t know what I’m doing.

Do you have a headphone jack on your pedal? I can run my line six as both input and output, and use it with headphones to monitor and play over tracks, or for playback. Line six has it’s own proprietary software called gearbox, that is windows based, and also offers functions that allow control over limited recoring input-ouput parameters. I would chck to see if Zoom has something similar.