Pedal CC64 at the beginning of a loop activ although i don't press it

hi there!

i have a strange experience: i am recording lots of vst-instruments (from piano to violins and such) and everytime i try to record something new at the beginning of the loop, the pedal CC64 is active(?!?). i always have to press and unpress it at the beginning of the recording, because if i would not do that, cubase thinks that the pedal is pressed and the sounds don’t stop sounding…
please help, thank you very much!


Do you control Cubase Record or Start/Stop by any hardware controller by any chance?

Check whether you have a pedal down but no pedal up at the end of the loop. If the last instruction is a pedal down, it will still be down at the start of the loop.

thank you for answering.

@martin.jirsak i control record and start/stop on my key pad.

@richardtownsed that could be the case. but when i record in another track than the one in which i used the pedal it normally should not be that the pedal is active, or am i mistaken there?


How is your key pad set? Does it send MIDI CC or Notes? Is it Mackie Control or Generic Remote?

No, you’re correct.

as soon as i hit play or record, cubase thinks my pedal is active. as soon as i press pause/stop i can play normally meaning that cubase doesn’t think the pedal is on. that is weird, right?

@Martin.Jirsak i don’t know these terms… i have a normal ASDF-key-pad with num-pad (is it even called keypad? i’m not a native speaker). all normal here.

i’m starting to think this is a bug. where could i possibly send a pedal-active-signal when its 2 different tracks and in the second track there has been no recording yet…


It’s definitely not a bug.

So you are not using MIDI controller to control Cubase, right? This is common computer keyboard, right?

What MIDI device (MIDI keyboard) do you have connected?

o, i just discovered that it’s only with the spitfire bbc orchestra!!! why is that though?


Do you use any Expression Map/Articulation for this library?