Pedal extension lines across pages with 8va in parentheses?

I have a piano pedal line that should continue to the next system page. I tried to follow the Help documentation but, as typical, they don’t do what they are supposed to do. I want the 8va symbol to appear in parentheses on the next page. I don’t know how to create an 8va symbol with the parentheses. I used Engraving Options menu and created the first symbol on the first page with no hook at the end. If I drag the continuation line over to the next page, it shows a dotted line across the margins of both pages. The line appears but no 8va symbol at all. Does someone know how to do this? Thanks in advance.

Are you talking about a pedal line, or an octave line? And are you dragging in Write mode, or Engrave mode?

As long as you make sure that your line (pedal, octave, or otherwise) spans the required music in Write mode (ie its semantic duration lasts for the beats and bars you want it to), then Dorico should show the parenthesized marking at the start of subsequent systems automatically. Provided it lasts more than one system, that is!

Lillie: Here’s an example of what I need to learn how to do.

  1. I am dealing with a full orchestra score—the next system is always on the next page.
  2. You will see that the octavo line continues through the page margins. I do not want this.
  3. I have tried this both in Write and Engrave modes, with no luck in either.
  4. I guess I need step-by-step instructions.
  5. I also don’t see that the Engraving Options menu does anything to assist this goal.

I can see what you’ve tried to do, which is to create the two halves of the line separately. You don’t need to do this! See how I’ve done it in my screenshot: it’s a single pedal line, it just lasts for 7 bars, and those 7 bars happen to span a system break.

To fix up your example:

  1. In Write mode, select both 8ba lines
  2. Press Delete to delete them
  3. Select the G at the end of the 7/8 bar (ie where the line should start) – still in Write mode
  4. Shift-click the last G on the 2nd page (ie where the line should end)
  5. Press Shift-C for the clefs and octave lines popover
  6. Enter 8ba
  7. Press Return.

Voilà! One octave line, that lasts the duration between those two selected notes, and automatically knows to stop “appearing” at the end of the first system, and show a parenthesized symbol at the start of the second system.

This is how you should input everything in Dorico. If you’re inputting something that lasts “over time”, make a selection in Write mode that corresponds to that duration, then input the notation.

Wow! It worked! Thanks, Lillie. I wonder why the documentation doesn’t explain this procedure as clearly as you did?

One-to-one help regarding your specific project is almost always going to be more immediately impactful than documentation written to cover all relevant situations, to be fair!

I’ve reminded myself of what’s mentioned in the manual about octave lines spanning multiple systems, and actually I think it could be made clearer, so I’ve made a note to revise some relevant pages with this in mind.