Pedal in ossia staff?


It seems that I can’t put pedal signs in ossia staff? Is there any way to put pedal there?

You are right @minkyukim0204 :exclamation:

I found this workaround, that works well also in playback…

Obviously the playback is suppressed for the Ped as the reduced dimension :wink:

Thanks Alberto, but I need pedal sings in both the main and the ossia staffs simultaneously. :frowning:

Ahaa! That’s a problem! :slight_smile:

May be a feature request?
Or even, because ossias don’t playback, you may add graphics (lines) or text…

actually, I added another pedal signs on the main staff and moved them…

Mi piacerebbe che in futuro ci fosse la possibilità di ascoltare oppure no gli ossia escludendo l’ascolto della musica contenuta nella misura sottostante. Speriamo.
Buona Musica.

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Well in this case suppress playback of the ossia pedal…

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Just to add that avoiding to use graphics or text in the ossia makes impossible to have overlapping pedals with the main staff… :roll_eyes: