Pedal, is there a problem?

Hi, I bought the new version of Dorico (Pro) and I’m exited with all the new functions.
I’ve been exploring writing for the piano and it’s great that now I can easily add an extra pentagram (stave) wherever I need it.

However, I don’t know what happens with the Ped. and other indications (Sost., una corda…). They don’t appear in the score when I try to put them in!

When I save the project in dorico 2.0 and open it in 1.2 the extra stave is integrated in the usual two, and then I can write Ped. as I always do…

Using Mac High Sierra.

Yes, unfortunately this is a bug, and one that we plan to fix as soon as possible: you may find that if you create the pedal line on the top staff, it will appear, but that may not always work (which is the nature of the bug when extra staves are involved). I’m very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Does this bug only happen when an extra staff is used?

Yes, it does.

Thanks for the reply.

Thanks, it’s good to know this is a bug and not “my” problem only.