pedal line across many pages - workflow issue


Is there any way to turn this feature off:

I regularly have a piano pedal that continues throughout a Flow and so goes across many pages. If I I am on the last page and I click on the pedal line to extend it a note or a measure longer, then I am instantly transported back to the beginning of the flow or wherever the pedal line starts. It’s a pretty annoying feature because I then I have to find where I was 4 pages ahead and then I can extend the pedal line. I can understand the logic if that the whole pedal line gets selected, but I just want the screen to stay in place when I click on something.
This also happens when clicking on a tied note, where a tied note stretches into two frames. I wouldn’t mind turning it off for tied notes as well.




This bothers me as well… Also for long hairpins, 8va lines, gradual tempo lines, etc.

Indeed! I add my voice here as well.


Yes, this is something I would like to have changed as well. I understand that it will be selected as a whole, but why should the score position change?