Pedal Line Continuation

Hi, is there any way to tell Dorico NOT to write additional Pedal signs on each subsequent system? In Engraving mode - Pedal Lines I could find just 2 options, but such as “None” is unfortunately not there. Did I miss something? Such continuation in each system is extremely uncommon.

I want to know about this too! The only way arround it I’ve found is to stop using the Ped. Glyph completely, which is far from ideal.

Hi, would be very happy to here some answer from Dorico-Team😊 Did I miss some setting or property?

FWIW your question made me look for it, and alas, did not find any solution…

Indeed, as mentioned above, it’s only possible to hide the continuation sign at the moment if the sign appearance is ‘Ped. text’ and the continuation text is empty.

Dear Andras I am not sure I understood how to achieve it. Do I have to copy and paste this Ped sign from somewhere as a text instead of using Dorico pedal lines? As I mentioned before, such continuation is extremely uncommon in piano music, thats why I am wondering how you came across this idea to implement it. I am not sure I ever seen such continuation sign playing the piano more then 35 years…

You have to change the pedal line Sign Appearance property to ‘Ped. text’ in the bottom property panel, and then the ‘Continuation Text’ property to an empty string. Of course as the property name suggests the pedal sign will be rendered with plain text.

We implemented it this way because according to Gould, Behind Bars, pp 332: “It is usually very helpful to confirm the continued holding down of pedals at the start of a new system (see final column)”.

Thank you Andras, I did it, but now I am not able to use a typical and well known Per sign font. It is interesting to know where the idea comes from, but with a whole respect to Mr. Gould I can just say once more: I have never seen such signs by any famous or less known publisher. Would be great if user would be able to choose. I will search for some copy/paste solution and hope one day Dorico team will implement such “none” function in Engraving options.

A workaround, if it really is such a travesty to have the pedal glyph repeated on the following system:

Enter a pedal marking where you want the Ped glyph. Set continuation type to “None”.
Enter another pedal marking where you want the End glyph. Set continuation type to “Sign at End” and the Sign appearance to “Ped. Text”. Then turn on the Text switch and remove any text in the box.

It’s Ms. Gould, incidentally.

I am sorry, I tried to follow your workaround, but i did not succeed. Hier is a project attached. Does somebody can delete this “Ped” glyph in in a bar 47? I was not able to. Dorico is such intelligent program - why such easy things are so complicated? There are lots of settings in properties. But such easy one as continuation set to “none” - there is not. I do not really understand why users are made to chose a way Mr. Gould prefers?
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Here you go.
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Daniel, thank you very much. I will try to follow all the settings you made to make it work. I hope one day there will be some easier way to do that…

Ah. The benefit of old threads - the exact answer I was looking for. I’m working with a vocal score at the moment (The King and I) and no pedal continuation markings are present.

As regards Gould, I would argue that the word “usually” allows for some wriggle room on this. I would imagine that the reason they’re not present in the score is that it’s busy enough without them adding to it.

ETA: A thick white line (I used a width of 3) can hide the continuation marking and still enable correct playback.

For anyone who wants to use the Ped glyph (as opposed to Ped text) and have continuation lines and not have the Ped glyph repeated on subsequent lines, here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. Create a pedal mark at the start, using the Glyph and set the Continuation type to “None”
  2. Create another pedal mark starting on the very next note, set the Sign appearance to “Hook” and the Line start hook to “No Hook”
  3. In Engrave mode, drag the beginning of the pedal line over to next to the Ped glyph and adjust the vertical position of it as well to be at the bottom of the Ped glyph

Hope that helps. If anyone knows a better way, I’d love to hear it, but that’s all I’ve been able to figure out so far